Attention Drivers! Don’t touch that phone. It Can Wait.

By | 2013-09-23

It_Can_Wait_jpgI’m placing this front and center because April is National Distracted Driving Month. Please take a look if you haven’t already…

We all know it’s not safe to look at your phone and type while driving.

Question. It’s ok to use your phone at red lights, right?

Ever drive into an intersection because you saw the car next to you jump forward out of the corner of your eye while reading an email – and your subconscious mind told your right foot to proceed without confirming that your conscious eyes saw a green light?

It happens more often than most people would believe. The drivers going through their green light aren’t always looking out for it. So just don’t. Wait until your car is in park.

What is the value of reducing the possibility of something horrible happening simply because you can?

Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.- Yoda, character from Star Wars

Take our Customer Distracted Driving Pledge at Ask your family and friends to do the same. It’s easier to police yourself with an app. Some of them are free. We also offer the best in class solution for businesses that even works with our Sprint Direct Connect walkie talkie phones and smart phones on other carriers.

Take a look at this slide show and do what you know is right. There’s no middle road here. It’s just plain not safe.

Afterward, it’s worth spending a half hour watching the documentary “One Second to the Next” which was created by acclaimed film maker Werner Herzog to help drive the movement.

If you need help finding a safe driving app for yourself , your family, your friends or your business, let me know. I’m more than happy to help. Seriously. My contact info is under the ABOUT menu.

In this case, my mantra absolutely applies. It’s at the bottom of this web page. Read it and ponder.

Be Safe and Be Well!


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