Did You Know You Can Use Your Favorite Android Apps on a PC or Mac?

By | 2013-11-18

BlueStacks_App_Player-4-3BlueStacks App Player lets you run apps from your phone fast and fullscreen on Windows and Mac. It’s also free.

BlueStack simulates an Android device. The ‘virtual device’ it’s pretending to be shows up in my Google Play account as a GT-N7000 which is more commonly known as a Samsung Note. If you weren’t aware, you can log into Google Play from any browser and push out apps to any Android devices you have logged into Google Play from in the past. That is, of course,  as long as the app is ‘compatible’ with the device. It will tell you by being present on the ‘list’ when you click Install or Installed.

Any applications that are compatible with the device currently being simulated by BlueStacks App Player (currently the Note) can be installed, used and played! Personally, You can see I’ve already loaded up Pandora, iHeart Radio and those birds and some candy crushing. It also searches Amazon Apps and 1Mobile Market for apps you are looking for. A single click pushes the app out to your device if you want it there too!

The user interface is downright simple. Setup is a breeze.

It’s also beneficial for customer demonstrations and sharing screen recordings for tips and tricks if you’re not running the developer kit. The video says it all.

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