3D HD Goggles with an Immersive HD Movie on the Way! This is REAL.

By | 2013-11-20

Some time ago, I was introduced to a 360 degree recording technology from Immersive Media. Take a look at this sample recording of a skier going down a half pipe. You can actually look around as if you were there! They also have demos of a helicopter flyover of a lake. They call it their Telemmersion System. They’ve been around a while. When they first invented the first 360 Degree camera, digital didn’t exist, and there were only 10k websites on the planet.

The first immersive video I experienced was a live broadcast of PitBull from an event he hosted in Miami a few years ago. I almost said ‘saw’ but its more experiential than just seeing because you decide what to look at. The broadcaster was in the center of an outdoor venue and I was looking around as if I was there. The concept was impressive then, but it was broadcasting in standard definition, most likely over a wired connection or a bandwidth binded group of devices using a Portabella from Mushroom Networks.

Anyway, wireless connection speeds now are radically faster. Fast then was 4Mb/s down and 1.5 Mb/s up. Typical is 4 times that now. Almost 15x that with Sprint Spark. Soon we will have the ability to broadcast 360 degree HD video collected in real time to remote watchers wearing immersive wireless 3D HD goggles. When this happens, we could literally take a road trip or mini vacation without leaving home. Maybe not home, but a new class of venue that hosts streaming realtime other world events.

There are other practical applications for education and investigation. Imagine thousands of people analyzing a scene in realtime to discover points of importance, sharing them in a new massively multiplayer virtuality. I wonder when they’re going to insert augmented reality artificial actors into the feeds. Then again, the people analyzing can create that on the fly and all viewers of observer observers could see the data as it develops. Now step it up to 3D broadcasting and viewing. Is wow the right word or is it bigger than that?

Zero Point Is the First 3D, 360 Degree Movie for the Oculus Rift


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