Remember that Sprint Spark High Speed Network Thing I Mentioned?

By | 2013-11-21

Apparently someone was paying attention when Sprint announced the immediate availability of Spark Speeds in places like New York, Tampa, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles.


Using the Ookla app on all three devices, Sprint’s Spark network turned in the fastest results by far. Here are the averages:

  • Sprint: 43Mbps down / 17Mbps up

  • Verizon: 16Mbps down / 18Mbps up

  • AT&T: 4.5Mbps down / 7Mbps up

40 what? In a small place with not so many people like, oh,  Manhattan? Not too shabby Sprint, not too shabby.

Yes. I am proud to be a Sprinter! Reach out if you want to know more. Look under About to find me.

More on this soon! Very soon…


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