Do You Have Fleet Dispatchers or a Logistics Operation? Watch This About Cheetah!

By | 2013-11-22

I’ve been familiar with Cheetah solutions for several years, but recently had the opportunity to revisit their capabilities. Think dynamic route and logistics optimization. Think of doubling the number of drivers each dispatcher can comfortably handle. Think centralized dispatch. Imagine drivers being automatically rerouted without dispatcher intervention based on what they have on their truck. Cheetah can even provide the end customer and your customer care team with a site where they can see driver ETA in near realtime.

Take a look at this simple minute-long video to see what Cheetah can do for all facets of your logistics operation. During my meeting, they gave one key example of a furniture delivery service you would know by name which now offers red carpet level treatment.


Cheetah comes with a serious ROI. It’s one of those evolution enabling things that makes people who use it happier. People like your customers and your coworkers. Call me if you have an interest in taking your dispatch / fleet / logistics operation to the next level. I’ll put you in touch with someone who will take care of you with white glove treatment. If nothing else, it’s worth taking a quick ‘look see’ to appreciate what’s possible when you’re ready to make a jump. Look for me under About…


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