Delicious Burgers and Buns of Fry

By | 2014-01-20

menu-burgersI’m not sure why I’m fixated on finding delicious burgers this weekend. My quest led me to Smashburger in St. Davids last night where I had a couple pretty good half pounders. One was a Philly on a pretzel bun wit Cheez Whiz, of course. They were pretty tasty.



Their fries are skinny like Potato Stix but soft. Being the first timer, all three varieties were a mandatory choice: Smashfries – tossed with rosemary, olive oil and garlic, Sweet Potato Fries and Haystack Onions. All nicely topped off with a couple Häagen-Dazs® milkshakes. By the way, smashing is definitely better. So much so that I’ll be getting a griddle for my new Weber when I order it. But I digress.


I was going somewhere else with the fries, but lost track for a minute. Check this out. Why settle for a boring hamburger bun when you can have The French Fry Bun! I found it when I was looking for an ‘out of the ordinary’ burger joint, which I found . It’s a place called PYT over in the Northern Liberties section of Philly. They were profiled on Elite Daily, The Voice of Generation-Y today. I’m thinking a warm day so I can eat outside.

Back to the French Fry Bun. How to they stick together? That’s easy. Food glue! I’m NOT talking about the transglutaminase meat glue that was making its rounds in the news last year. This is the same adhesive that bakeries use to attach bling to fondant cakes.


Get your hands on some Dab-N-Hold Edible Adhesive from Wilton. For detailed how-to’s, take a look at How to make a bun out of French Fries |

I may just try sweet potato fries. I figure they’re longer, to handle bigger burgers! If you have time, I suppose you could even make a checkerboard. Hello, 1-800-Checkers…

Side note: The Fry Bun caught my attention because I know some people have issues with eating bread.

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