3-D Printed Housing Evolution

By | 2014-01-23

Video_of_operation_of_actual_Contour_Crafting_prototype_machine_-_YouTubeI just watched a simulation of a rather unique 3D Printer. I missed this NBC Nightly News piece when it ran in December 2012. Timing in the interview indicates potential real world equipment being available very soon. Who needs a single house? Imagine printing out a ‘compound’ with separate units all sharing common utility connections, a fire pit, kitchen unit. I’ll be needing a dome for my telescope too!

I truly hope the building inspectors of the world can come up to speed on this quickly and help advocate groups adjust ordinances as necessary to make this a quick reality.

Imagine the transformation of architecture, design, labor and simple workstyle in new developments – because of technology evolutions like this.

More information pertaining to deployment and other models can be found on the Berok Khoshnevis – YouTube channel.

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