Death by PowerPoint Abolished by Fermilab Physicists!

By | 2014-03-08

It took a room full of physicists at Fermilab to realize that death by PowerPoint is not an effective way to interact, collaborate or share crucial information. Go figure. They’re all about white boards now.

This is bold. Great job uber-smart people! A truly Mensan moment, if I every heard one. Well, more like Triple Nine or Prometheus smart, but whatever. Lately I’ve tried to avoid making custom decks. It just takes too much time. That, and I’d rather chalk talk too. Of course, my chalk is an Adonit Jot Touch precision stylus and my board is an iPad AirServing its screen on my Macbook Pro, which is being screen shared live and via projector in the local room. This isn’t white boarding with a mouse in WebEx, it’s WAY better.

For presenting, I prefer a Prezi canvas anyway. But that’s how I roll.

Try something new. You might astound someone.

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