Utility Computing is a Reality – Buy IT Like You Buy Electricity

By | 2014-06-21


If you feel like spiraling IT and telecom costs are sucking on your profit margins, take a quick look and think. Seriously think about whether you spend too much of your dollar and time budgets on non-core business related technical things that your employees need, to simply do their jobs. Stop buying tech the old way.

Try the bold, new model.

I was just randomly browsing and found an interesting Slideshare that Sprint posted recently.


The vision for ‘utility computing’ – buying IT like you buy electricity – has been around for decades. Now it’s a reality. Thousands of businesses all over the world are getting more and more of their IT and telecom as a service. It’s a fundamental change in the way businesses do business. This is a big deal. This is a turning point in the way businesses harness technology. And you’re right where you need to be: at the crossroads. So next time your people need to do something new, don’t think about servers and software and data center space and network capacity. Think about buying a pay-as-you-go service. With everything included. From somebody nice. For companies with people in them. – Sprint Business



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