SugarSync – Back Up Your Stuff, Get To It From Any Device & Share What You Want To

By | 2010-12-02


I have done the research. I personally use the product to share files between 4 Mac computers, 2 off site PCs, multiple Android phones and a couple iPod Touches, an iPad and iPhone. I even keep copies of certain old archives and installation files ONLY IN THE CLOUD so they don’t take up space!

Click the feature comparison to see how SugarSync stacks up to the competition.

Saying it works great is an understatement. This has value!

  • Sync files between multiple computers you have or even with family and friends.
  • Notify the people you share files with that there have been changes, without doing a thing.
  • Send huge files from your sync to somebody without waiting for a long send.
  • Send somebody a link to one or more of your files and know when they download it.
  • Back up your pictures and music (you may need to pay a little for more space).
  • Listen to your music from any computer or even a smartphone.
  • Share your pictures from your phone.
  • When you take a picture on your phone, it just goes to your computer and is backed up online!

It is worth mentioning that file sync and sharing services like this one can be blocked by security conscious businesses who don’t want employees taking confidential files from the office. Because of this, you should check with the intended recipient to confirm the link in the email worked. Regardless, SugarSync is still extremely useful for most people. It is by far the best that I have ever used and I have been using computer to computer sync since it was possible.

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