3D Scanning in the dark with an iPad?

By | 2013-12-05

Move over Kinect. Occipital just one-upped you with Structure. The first 3D sensor for mobile devices.

Check out this demo they shot at Ripley’s:

One quoted author said it best, “It’s like giving some sort of super power to average-joe devices.”  3D is going mainstream. I won’t go as far as saying basic 2D videos will go the way of betamax, but imagine walking into Home Depot or an architect’s office with a geometrically accurate 3D recording of the room or space you want to change. Imagine the room you are actually in being a component of the video game you’re playing. Why put a plain photo of your For Sale items online when you can record it in 3D and show it from every angle?

All of that just became possible with an iPad and it even works at night in total darkness. Structure will be a mainstream accessory in no time!

I can’t  describe what they do any better than this video. The potential is mind boggling. Here’s their story from KickStarter:

Occipital also makes a program called Skanect Pro that can collect data from a sensor like Structure to build a 3D model – wirelessly. Then it can be modified and shared via cloud services like Sketchfab. Wow.

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