This Night Vision Deer Cam Can See When People Approach and Email You the Pics Immediately!

By | 2014-01-24

smartscouter1It’s Not Just a Deer Cam! You Can Catch People With it Too! If you have a need for portable, truly wireless surveillance, let me know. I’ve worked with Smart Scouter in the past. Their remote cellular security cameras are well suited to many diverse scenarios such as:

  • temporary surveillance
  • highly remote areas
  • short term parking in constantly changing areas
  • border patrol
  • spontaneous need to watch areas
  • fish and wildlife management
  • law enforcement
  • security operations
  • yard monitoring

SmartScouterOnTreeHere’s the short version: Put it up. When something walks by or approaches it, it takes a picture and sends it to your phone and a website. You see it almost immediately. There’s no need for high bandwidth connections as it’s only sending a picture of the event. Color during the day, black and white/infrared illuminated at night. I noticed a deal price here today. Take a look!

Get the one that works on the Sprint 2G network – which will be around for a long, long time. #SprintEmployee

Here’s a SlideShare I show to customers.



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